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  • 7 fridge and freezer friendly hacks for holiday entertaining

    iio has brought some of the most stylish fridges to the market, since launching in 2019. With retailers carrying iio across North America, you may have come across us in the past or taken a second look at one of our coveted models longingly as the perfect addition to the dream kitchen you’re building in your mind.

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    Tried-And-True Tips for Fun and Stress-Free Holiday Entertaining

    I know it’s already been said so many times, but I truly believe it’s worth saying again: This holiday season – more than any other – feels incredibly special. After having had limited opportunities to gather with friends and family over the last 18 months or so, now might be the perfect time to go all out and celebrate.

  • Audrey Leavitt of Charmed Playhouses Reveals How to Design a Beautiful and Functional Small Space

    Can a beautiful fridge featuring amazing functionality play a starting role in family fun and creativity? You bet! Audrey Leavitt knows a lot about choosing the right elements for small spaces. In 2015, she, along with her husband Tyson, launched Charmed Playhouses – a company that designs, builds, and decorates what are perhaps the most imaginative, intriguing, and whimsical tiny houses you’re likely to set eyes on. While most of these are aimed at kids (of all ages) and backyard…

  • Three Features to Consider When Buying a New Refrigerator

    If you’ve been following our blog, you know that iio has developed gorgeous, colorful, chic, and practical refrigerators. Some are tall, slim, and perfect for any home. Others are compact, fun, and perfect for small cottages, man caves, and she sheds

  • How to Create the Perfect Games Room

    Though the main item is pool table. There are other tips to keep in mind while designing the perfect games room as well. Such as bean bags, refrigerator!

  • How to Get the Most from the FF1 Fun, Compact Fridge

    Happy National Ice Cream Month!  Did you know that in 1984, Ronald Reagan proclaimed the third Sunday in July as National Ice Cream Day? Here’s another fun fact: According to Guinness World Records, in 2015 Trond L Wøien at Norwegian ice cream manufacturer Hennig-Olsen made the tallest ice cream cone ever recorded. It stood over 10 feet tall!  Ice cream is a fun – and yes, necessary – part of summer. Go for dairy, dairy-free, chocolate, vanilla, and tiger stripe. That…

  • Sustainability Starts in the Kitchen!

    Hi, my name is Blair. For those that don’t know me, sustainability is always top of mind for me. Taking care of our planet so future generations have everything they need to live happy and healthy lives is as important to me as taking care of ourselves so that we have everything we need to keep us happy and healthy now. I’ve been spending a lot of time testing out a few ways that can help me live more sustainably, and…

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    4 Kitchen Hacks to Organize a Compact Fridge in a Compact Space

    Sometimes the more space you have, the harder it is to keep things organized. That’s why a compact refrigerator makes sense in certain situations – a small kitchen, a second refrigerator in the basement, a family that spends more time eating out than in. Think of it as an apartment-sized refrigerator with full-size potential. The biggest challenge you might face with a compact fridge is how to fit everything into it. No worries, though. There are four easy DIY home hacks to keep the fridge clean, well-stocked, and ensure maximum air circulation.  kitchen…

  • iio-retro-kitchen-ultimate-kitchen-bliss

    The Ultimate Recipe for Retro Kitchen Bliss

    Spending more time at home has convinced many of us that our kitchens are due for a refresh. At the top of the list? Creating a functional and inviting kitchen style that is all you. Learn how to turn your space into your place with iio kitchen.