Colorful Refrigerators for the Coolest-Looking Kitchen

“That color pops!”

The words tumbled out while perusing the iio colored refrigerator series. I couldn’t quite hold back my smile. Ok, why would I even try? I love that color specifically because it makes me happy. I shouldn’t be at all surprised if it does the same for everyone. 

a taste of Bordeaux … and more 

Before I get ahead of myself, let me bring you up to speed. The fridge color in question is bordeaux. It’s a gorgeous, deep red-purple reminiscent of the warmth and passion of that famous French city and region. What a novel way of bringing some lovely European charm into your home. I know, the words “European-inspired design” can feel very Old World. In other words, decidedly not fresh and modern. This is definitely not that. An iio retro refrigerator is anything you need it to be. Like any great design, it just works in any home – modern, traditional, or eclectic. Think of it as the premier Europe-inspired tastemaker.  

An iio colored fridge in bordeaux is cool. Yes, it will make your friends jealous. It is a splash of retro personality in a sea of sameness. Not sure if it’s really you? No worries – iio offers refrigerators in beautiful black and soft and clean cream. How about a sky blue fridge or even white?  

Color can stir an emotion, trigger a happy memory, or imbue the space with a positive mood. The biggest drawback I’ve always found with stainless steel refrigerators (other than their tendency to show fingerprints) is the cold and clinical feel they bring to the room. I want my fridge to invite warmth, happiness, and fun to my home! Black fridge, white fridge, cream fridge, champagne fridge, bordeaux fridge, wine red fridge or a lighter shade of blue fridge can bring a room to life.  

We all have enough work and stress in our lives. I love that injecting a little color in the form of a common appliance can create a calm and relaxing ambiance in my home. 

The key to getting the most from the money you spend on interior or exterior design is to focus on colors that leave you feeling good. Now that more of us are working from home, how we style our space has become intrinsically linked to our state of mental well-being. Color is a visual language that can change the atmosphere and create a sense of joy and harmony. When you’re ready to outfit your place with a new refrigerator, start the selection process with a question: What do I want to feel when I enter this space? 

not just cold, it’s cool 

Passionate or reserved – color speaks to who you are as an individual. How about romantic and sophisticated? Probably elegant, fun, and extra special. Sure, you can say a refrigerator is just a kitchen appliance like any other. But we all know that it’s so much more than that. (According to the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, total spending on kitchen appliances in the U.S. in 2020 surpassed $66 billion!)  

Neutrals have dominated interior design choices for at least the last decade. Shades of beige, gray, and white are calming and sedate. If you like that, go for it! Looking for a well-placed bit of color? Imagine the refrigerator as more than just a functional part of the kitchen. It can be that art piece that injects welcoming freshness and interest into a room. A pop of color can brighten the space and even give you a jolt of motivation!  

So, where would you like the iio colored refrigerator to live? A kitchen with a splash of color greets you with perennial cheeriness whenever you walk in. It can stimulate your appetite and wake up your brain for some great conversation. In our small, modern homes, the fridge might not actually be relegated to the kitchen. You might have to put it in the spare bedroom, basement, or living room. No matter where it ultimately lives, the beauty of a space efficient iio refrigerator is color and the way it makes everything feel brighter.  

Find out which iio colored refrigerator will make your home feel happy, chic, and welcoming.