The iio Story

Our Series

As with many breakthroughs, iio was born out of a desire to do better. Alex and James Brown, father and son, industry giants and entrepreneurs, together have helped some of the world’s biggest brands succeed in the tough appliance market. Together, they’ve sold tens of thousands of fridges, ovens, stoves, dishwashers, and laundry appliances.

But as the market changed, they saw an opportunity to create a fresh new brand that blended the latest technology with truly distinct design. Energy efficiency meeting space efficiency, classic style meeting modern features. And iio was born.

Turn your space into your place.

Today, kitchen appliances are found in a vast range of different spaces: small condo units, stylish Airbnb rentals, renovated apartments, cottages, converted basements, office kitchens and more. Whatever space you have in your life, you deserve to fill it with beautiful, perfectly sized, energy efficient appliances. iio starts with four distinct refrigerator series, and one new stove series, that bring the nostalgic charm of classic design into the 21st century.

Your kitchen is the busiest, most social and more trafficked room in your home. Everyone hangs out in the kitchen. You deserve to make it a beautiful space.

James Brown, President

Refrigerator technology, design and energy efficiency

Every iio appliance exceeds all EnergyStar requirements for energy efficiency. We use the latest cooling systems, smart controls, and cabinet insulation to make our refrigerators as cool as they look. Smart space design also maximizes food storage capacity, with clever adjustable shelving, fast-chill drawers, wine racks and door bottle wire guards. Luxurious curved sheet metal, chrome handles, upscale color options, and LED lighting elevate any room.

Stove technology, design and energy efficiency

We help ensure energy efficiency with our stove’s unique triple lined door glass which helps minimize temperature fluctuation. To offer maximum flexibility for various pots and pans all within a compact cooktop, we’ve added different burner sizes. All of that coupled with our burners, the most powerful on the market, make the iio stove line the most powerful compact stove you can buy.