iio Retro

classic design with the latest technology

Chic, luxury, no-compromise, largest feature set of any similar size refrigerator — this is the iio Retro Series. With stunning colors, innovative features, chrome finishes, they’re perfectly sized for the smart home.

Retro RR1
12 cu. ft. Retro frost free refrigerator with bottom freezer

This chic luxury 12 cubic feet retro refrigerator is a no-compromise solution for any space. A rich foil finish in four stunning colors drapes, it is one of the smartest refrigerators available today, has left or right hinge option and a power-saving EcoMode. Our quiet AdapTech cooling system learns and anticipates when you’ll need extra cooling, instantly adapting to your lifestyle.

Available colors:
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AdapTech digital controls

Our smart AdapTech cooling system anticipates when you’ll need an extra burst of quick cooling, by analyzing how and when you use your refrigerator. It can then quickly pre-cool the interior before you even open the door, helping maintain a stable internal temperature.


Frost Free

Slim, flexible and smart, our future-friendly iio RR1 features a frost-free top fresh food area and bottom freezer that never needs scraping.

12 cu. ft. capacity

It’s amazing how much fresh fruit, vegetables, cans, jars, bottles and boxes can fit inside the iio RR1 retro refrigerator. You’ll have over 8 cubic feet of cool fresh food drawers and shelves, plus nearly four cubic feet of frost-free freezer drawers.


It’s a professional chef’s secret — fast freezing of fresh food is the best way to retain its nutrients, flavor and color. The iio RR1 features our XtremeFreeze drawer that can flash freeze your favorite foods so they’ll last longer and taste better when you’re ready to prepare them.

Adjustable door shelves

The SimpleSlide height adjustable door shelves on the iio RR1 make food storage more flexible than ever. The sturdy see-through shelves use an innovative ratcheting system to lock instantly into place on one of multiple height options. It’s perfect for quick reconfigurations to fit bottles, cans or tall foods.

Chrome retro handle

Beauty begins on the outside with an iio RR1. A gorgeous metal and chrome handle is the perfect jeweled complement to the stunning color-draped sheet metal finish. Sturdy and precise, our retro-styled handle has been engineered to last.

red retro refrigerator
Left or right hinge flexibility

Most appliances are designed for right-handed people. Not iio. We design our refrigerators to fit your space and your style, which is why our doors open with either right or left-hand hinges (doors are not reversible). This ultimate flexibility means you can position your iio refrigerator wherever it’s most convenient.