Your style, your home, your life.

Your home is your comfort canvas — a place to celebrate your own unique design style — and turn any space into your place. The appliances you choose can play a large role in defining your look, and making you feel at home. At iio, we love merging classic styling with futuristic technology, and have created four design styles to match any taste.

iio Retro Series

Chic, luxury, no-compromise — this is the iio Retro Series. With stunning colors, innovative features, chrome finishes, they’re perfectly sized for the smart home.


iio Retro-Mod Series

The iio Retro-Mod Series offers a future-friendly blend of nostalgic design and modern angles, packed with the latest technology.

iio Vintage Series

We’ve reinvented 1950’s California styling for an energy-efficient future. The iio Vintage Series boasts classic curves, 5” thick doors, and a gorgeous coastal color palette.

iio Fun Series

Now, cool can fit into any space with the iio Fun Series. Stylish design, energy efficiency and space-saving features are all here in our narrowest refrigerator.

Turn your space into your place…