Sustainability Starts in the Kitchen!

Hi, my name is Blair. For those that dont know me, sustainability is always top of mind for me.

Taking care of our planet so future generations have everything they need to live happy and healthy lives is as important to me as taking care of ourselves so that we have everything we need to keep us happy and healthy now. I’ve been spending a lot of time testing out a few ways that can help me live more sustainably, and I want to share what I’ve learned with you. 

As a nutritionist, being sustainable in the kitchen is hugely important to me. I know that the thought of changing our routines can seem daunting. So, I want to reassure you that focusing on one part of daily life at a time – in this case, our relationship with the kitchen – can have tremendous positive impact on our personal well-being. Here’s what I do to make sure I’m taking care of the planet and my body at the same time. 

More Than Just Meat 

There’s no right or wrong type of food to eat. But because I choose the food I eat with intent, I’m a big supporter of buying meat from small farms that pasture-raise their animals. Better yet, I like to buy from farms that use regenerative practices, like no-till farming, composting, and holistic aquaculture. Eating sustainably means more than making sure animals are well-cared for or that my vegetables are organic. It’s about opting to support farms that take care of their staff and local community, too. Keep the big picture in mind, and I know that you’ll have no problem eating more sustainably.

Reduce Food Waste  

I know this one is particularly tough when life gets busy. Try not to waste food because it’s like throwing away your hard-earned money! When food is thrown away – even if it’s composted – it emits greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere which can contribute to climate change. Here’s a tip: Plan your meals in advance. Write out a menu before you go shopping so you buy only what you need. When you get home, chop, wash, and prepare as many of the recipe ingredients as possible then pack them into reusable containers into the fridge. Pulling out a container of ready-to-go ingredients makes cooking on busy weeknights faster and easier. Don’t forget to re-heat leftovers or incorporate them into a fresh meal idea. Two other tried-and-true ways to live sustainably is to cook at home more often and to use the whole plant. So, don’t throw away those broccoli stems. Slice them into thin disks and stir-fry them! 

Cleaning Naturally 

Now that you’ve done all that cooking, it’s time for a bit of clean-up therapy. Skip those toxin-laden cleaners. I really like citrus-based soap for the dishes and a vinegar and water solution to sanitize the countertop and wipe down the fridge handle and the table. I know that natural cleaning products can be hard to find sometimes. So, reuse a plastic or glass bottle you might have lying around your home and mix up your own cleaning solution. A little squeeze of lemon or a tablespoon of vinegar added to a cup of water goes a long way.  

Reuse, Reuse, Reuse 

Go ahead – get crafty! Have you ever tried crocheting your own dishcloths? Not ready to go old school? No worries. There are loads of cotton cloths available for purchase, and all you need to do is wash and reuse. You can also toss them into boiling water for a few minutes for a good, sanitizing cleanse.  

I know paper towels are so easy to grab, use, and compost. But let’s step up our sustainability game by opting for cotton or bamboo towels to dry your hands and dishes instead. 

Here’s another tip: Bring reusable bags when you go shopping. Many stores sell their own branded, perfectly-sized bags. But go ahead and use any cloth bags you already own. Being sustainable means thinking about how we interact with food, the products we need to use, and the stores where we shop. Making small changes can go a long way! 

One last shout out goes to iio. I love the look and functionality of their retro refrigerators. Most of all, I love that their products are energy star rated. The refrigerator is a vital part of our healthy living toolbox. Making sure I have one that I totally adore helps keep me and the planet healthy, and is a non-negotiable.

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