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  • Audrey Leavitt of Charmed Playhouses Reveals How to Design a Beautiful and Functional Small Space

    Can a beautiful fridge featuring amazing functionality play a starting role in family fun and creativity? You bet! Audrey Leavitt knows a lot about choosing the right elements for small spaces. In 2015, she, along with her husband Tyson, launched Charmed Playhouses – a company that designs, builds, and decorates what are perhaps the most imaginative, intriguing, and whimsical tiny houses you’re likely to set eyes on. While most of these are aimed at kids (of all ages) and backyard…

  • How to Create the Perfect Games Room

    Though the main item is pool table. There are other tips to keep in mind while designing the perfect games room as well. Such as bean bags, refrigerator!

  • How to Get the Most from the FF1 Fun, Compact Fridge

    Happy National Ice Cream Month!  Did you know that in 1984, Ronald Reagan proclaimed the third Sunday in July as National Ice Cream Day? Here’s another fun fact: According to Guinness World Records, in 2015 Trond L Wøien at Norwegian ice cream manufacturer Hennig-Olsen made the tallest ice cream cone ever recorded. It stood over 10 feet tall!  Ice cream is a fun – and yes, necessary – part of summer. Go for dairy, dairy-free, chocolate, vanilla, and tiger stripe. That…

  • iio-retro-mod-blackfridge-no-side-reflection

    3 Small Kitchen Ideas To Make Your Modern Space Feel Grand

    Looking for small kitchen ideas? Being asked to stay in our homes for the last year has brought one kitchen reality into sharp focus: the refrigerator sure takes up a lot of room. When you need to live and work in the same place – and your family is doing the same – space becomes premium. Solve that problem with a compact retro style refrigerator designed with a smaller footprint – think: fun-sized.  retro style Home – whether it’s a condo or a cottage, new build or historic…