3 Small Kitchen Ideas To Make Your Modern Space Feel Grand

Looking for small kitchen ideas? Being asked to stay in our homes for the last year has brought one kitchen reality into sharp focus: the refrigerator sure takes up a lot of room. When you need to live and work in the same place – and your family is doing the same – space becomes premium. Solve that problem with a compact retro style refrigerator designed with a smaller footprint – think: fun-sized. 

retro style

Home – whether it’s a condo or a cottage, new build or historic gem – is starting to feel more cramped than usual, right? How about creating a little visual breathing room? 

A small kitchen remodel could be costly and messy. In any case, expanding the square footage is likely just not possible. The answer is to maximize the space you’re in by introducing the right elements. 

Retro style refrigerators with a smaller footprint come in an array of colors and styles to complement any modern small kitchen. The beauty of retro is in its design. Think: space-conscious, energy-efficient and playful with all the modern features. 

art smart

You know how hanging art on the wall gives your home a cozy, personal feel? Adding in a retro refrigerator enhances that effect. Use color throughout your home as an accent. It draws the eye without overwhelming the senses.  

So, a small space will feel airy and grand. Looking at a retro refrigerator as art isn’t as much of a stretch as you might think. When we shop for appliances, we’re looking for more than functionality.  

We want small kitchen design ideas, we want something that will make our home look and feel fabulous, and make you feel great yourself. The perfect refrigerator won’t just keep your produce fresh, it will be the art piece that anchors the room. 

iio retro fridge - Small Kitchen Ideas

I’m just going to say what we’re all thinking: every fridge in the appliance store is essentially the same as the one next to it. Almost every single one resembles a big, stainless steel box. Oh sure, some of the bells and whistles are different.  

You can opt for a built-in ice maker or a bottom freezer. Some help you generate a grocery list while others come with a wine rack. I’m looking for choice in the look, too. If a fridge is a piece of art, then I want mine to be as special as I am. 

A small home begs for something more than just functionality. It needs color to help define the space and connect each room to the next. Beyond considering whether the interior of the refrigerator is equipped with sufficient storage and cool gadgets, you should also keep these points in mind: 

  • The refrigerator should fit neatly within the room without dominating it. 
  • Its design should be streamlined and feature soft edges so it’s not visually overwhelming. 
  • It should be available in colors that complement and brighten your home decor. 

When space is at a premium, choosing the right style of retro refrigerator is the single most important design decision you can make. Buy the fridge that brings your design ideas to life. Let it become an extension of your personality, an extension of you.  Turn your place into your space. 

calm, cool, connected

When is a kitchen not a kitchen? When it has to do double-duty as a home office or family room. Most of us who live in small homes with tiny kitchens have to think carefully about how space is used.  

A compact retro style refrigerator is designed to leave you lots of room so you can get around more easily. Renting out a bedroom or the basement on Airbnb and need some small kitchen ideas? Go ahead, put the compact refrigerator in unexpected places. A fun-size retro style refrigerator from iio will make that space more functional and inviting.  

Beyond looking great, retro-styled iio refrigerators are primed to go beyond traditional ways of designing space. Ultimately, marrying look and functionality may be the best way to get the most from your home, no matter how tiny the kitchen. 

Each one of our iio retro refrigerators brings style and functionality to any small kitchen. Choose which one fits your special need.