Cooler than a mini fridge – 5 reasons why you want iio’s fun fridge for your dorm room! 

iio has brought some of the most stylish fridges to the market, since launching in 2019. With retailers carrying iio across North America, you may have come across us in the past or taken a second look at one of our coveted models longingly as the perfect addition to the dream kitchen you’re building in your mind. But, if you’ve got a college kid heading off to campus soon, it’s time to take a second look. iio has the perfect model for dorm life – or that campus apartment – with all of the standard features of a mini fridge, but with many benefits that set it apart. 

Here’s 5 reasons why iio’s fun fridge is better than the regular old mini model:

1. It’s the Perfect Size for a Small Fridge:

iio’s fridges are coveted for small spaces because on average, they are 35% narrower than most full-size fridges – but our Fun Fridge is even more compact at 21.5” W x 24.1” D x 57.2″ H. These dimensions make it the ideal upgrade from the old “bar fridge” idea, so you can deck out your dorm space or campus apartment with a smaller fridge and while achieving way more real estate than the average mini.

iio compact fridge

2. The Freezer Space Is Unreal:

While it’s not uncommon to find a mini fridge with a freezer, often the icebox is just plain tiny!

Let’s be honest: any college kid knows that the ability to store not just one, but a couple of frozen pizzas will make those overnight cram sessions tolerable. And the parents will like all that room for frozen veggies (or more pizza).

mini fridge with freezer

3. It Brings a Cool Vibe to Your Space:

Where else have you seen a retro mini fridge? Rather than having a generic-looking design, add some vibes to your dorm with a retro-inspired fridge, complete with stylish chrome handles.

4. The Color Options Go Way Beyond Plain Old White:

iio’s dorm fridge comes in a variety of colors to dress up your dorm space or campus apartment, with bold options like black and wine red. Something more calming fits your dorm room palette? We’ve also got light blue, white and cream. 

dorm room mini fridge palette

5. It’s Energy Efficient:

If your college kid is environmentally conscious like us, then he or she will be happy to know that all iio fridges are ENERGY STAR certified to run as efficiently as possible, to avoid wasted unnecessary power. 

BONUS! If you’re looking for a slightly larger retro refrigerator that is one of the best small fridges we offer, check out the iio Vintage Fridge. It’s a similar width and height to the Fun Fridge but offers even more fridge space. 

energy efficient retro refrigerator

Doesn’t your campus apartment or dorm deserve
better than a mini fridge?

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